Noise vs. Subversive Computing

Επειδή το έχει και καλλιτεχνικές ανησυχίες, λάβαμε και σας προωθούμε το παρακάτω δελτίο τύπου:


“Noise vs. Subversive Computing”

This is the “Noise vs. Subversive Computing” Project: A Collaborative
release split between Noise/Experimental Artists and Subversive
Technologists/Computer Hackers. Ten representatives from each camp
were asked to contribute a piece of work which could be anything at
all: an audio track, a drawing, a written passage, software, video,
combination of all that, or anything else that can be converted to
binary. The Noisicians had “Subversive Computing” as their central
theme, and the Technologists worked with “Noise”.

This is the outcome:


0. BBBlood (UK) – Bicep Venoms Gut Virus [AUDIO]
1. Config.sys (DE) – Bit Bucket [AUDIO]
2. Family Battle Snake (DE) – Black Hat [AUDIO]
3. Francisco Lopez (ES) – Untitled 223 [AUDIO]
4. GEN 26 (SI) – Untitled [AUDIO]
5. Hellboy106 (GR) – stgzknmhtrka [IMAGE+AUDIO]
6. ILIOS (GR) – 4000 ĉevaloj kriegas Mi ami Vi [AUDIO]
7. KOMMPOUND (GR) – Softmod Exploit [AUDIO+WORDS]
8. La Jacquerie (IT) – Re: If you’re angry [AUDIO]
9. Sarah’s Charity (DK) – Colour of Clarity [AUDIO]


0. Ach3n0r (GR) – Noise Steganography [SOFTWARE]
1. Ashrae |tosh & KaOS| (BE/DK) – Netglitch [AUDIO+WORDS]
2. E (US) – Sifting through the Noise [WORDS]
3. EK (UK) – Rainbow [AUDIO]
4. G0rg0g0l (GR) – Gorgogoogle: Web, Search, Noise [SOFTWARE]
5. Gorrrrgar (RO) – My kind of Shithole [PHOTOGRAPHY MATRIX+WORDS]
6. Jazra Khaleed (GR) – Noise [POEM]
7. Pascal Cretain (DK) – Information Pollution [VIDEO]
8. Rodrigo Marcos (UK) – MySQL Sounds [VIDEO+SOFTWARE]
9. Stelios Douskos (US) – LawyerFish [SOFTWARE]

The merger is truly fascinating; explosive to say the least. The
radical thinkers at work in here have the momentum, the mindset and
the technical skills to crash Adaptive Firewalls, defy traditional
definitions of music, “hack” live performance semantics and bypass
Intrusion Detection Systems.

Only this is not Cyberspace. We are subtly injecting polymorphic
shellcode into your reality, brainwashing you with white noise and
reverse engineering your obsolete modus operandi.

Alas; you can’t pull the plug.

“Noise vs. Subversive Computing” out 01.06.2009
Limited release of 256 Numbered Copies in 1GB USB Stick format

€12 incl. postage [€10 for OWASP Greek Chapter members] Contact for Ordering Information

Το θέλοντας να υποστηρίξει την προσπάθεια αυτή, προσφέρει σε συνεργασία με την COMPUTATIONALLY INFEASIBLE RECORDS συμβολική έκπτωση στα μέλη του.Σημειώνεται ότι ως μέλη του θεωρούνται όσοι είναι εγγεγραμμένοι στη mailing list.


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